Tuesday, January 19, 2010


As I watched the last journey of Communist stalwart JYOTHI BASU, I noticed that he was the first communist leader of INDIA to recieve the full state honours. Even the largest democracy of the world garlanded "the comrade". He was a great patriarch of marxist communism and his political ideas were astounding. His ability to run 23 years of uninterepted state government itself speaks of it. Although having great communist leaders like him, communism didnt flourished much in India.As I started searching the reasons for it the following thoughts came to my mind.I would like to mention that Iam not a staunch supporter of communism though I accept some of their policies. These are just my opinion from a neutral point of view.

Communism was basically an outcome of industrial revolution. During those industrialization periods wealth was accumulated by a small group of people and was never distributed equally among the working class.Thus two groups of masses came into existence -one the oppressor minority called BOURGEOIS and the other, the oppressed majority called the PROLETARIANS. Communism was nothing but the revolt of the working class(proletarians) against the brutal aristocracy of the BOURGEOIS. It was aimed at distributing wealth equally among all and it always opposed capitalist system. "THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO", a historic work by KARL MARX and FRIEDRICH ANGELS is the basis for all communists systems. Communism came into existence in INDIA in 1920's as a alternative path to congress led by GANDHIJI. They didnt just revolted against the British government but also against the local provinces and capitalists who tried to oppress the working class. Communists were successful in uniting factory workers and railway unions. In an united front they fought against the laws imposed against the welfare of workers.

But after independence the popularity of GANDHIAN ideas flooded across INDIA and communist ideas were curtailed. INDIA had a strong relation with The Soviet Union, which encouraged the flourish of Communism in INDIA.But it was limited only to KERALA, WEST BENGAL and ANDRA PRADESH. After INDO-SINO war the CPI(M) bifurcated from the main communist stream. There was division among themselves as internationalist and nationalist . Some section of the community even went to the extent of supporting China. They were imprisoned immediately. Now there is decrease of communist popularity in KERALA , they somehow managing to form a govt with coalition. But in West Bengal they still have a very strong hold. Thanks to the great leaders like legendary JYOTHI BASU , the incorruptible BUDHADEV BHATHACHARJI(even his critics agree to this), PRAKASH KARAT, SITARAM YELCHURY and many more.

Comunists should be given some credits for their way of governance. FOR e.g during the communal riots bcz of death of INDIRA GANDHI and also during the BABRI MASJID row the whole country was boiling with violence. But the state of west Bengal which had a strong communists govt managed the situation well. Peace was maintained in most part of the state. The great advantage of communism is that they can produce a casteless society. While, as we can see, the democratic political parties are waiting for such opportunities to gain political advantage.

But there are many pitfalls in INDIAN Communism which led to their decreased popularity. Firstly, Indian communists never tried to propel people to the main stream. Their movements were limited only to a particular class or group. They couldn’t arise national spirit among them. They were agitating only for their demands and the concept of nationhood didn’t arise. In contradictory, the communism started in RUSSIA and CHINA in order to evolve the national spirit. Also without widespread knowledge of communism , it was reduced to mere agitations and revolt. The people involved knew neither MARX and ANGELS nor their idealogies. The only thing they knew was to revolt against the capitalist system. Thus the communist ideas never reached the masses.

Thus inspite of receiving constant support from neighbor country the communism couldnt evolve as an alternate to congress party. Some of its policies have proved to be good. It has helped in bringing in the much needed variety in the Indian policies. Thus it has added its part to VIBRANT Indian democracy. It has a major role to play in future Indian politics, where a single party is finding it difficult to get the majority.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


As I thought of taking some rest after my seventh sem exam(although this was exactly what I was doing in exam holidays ), there came a company to recruit us- the so called engineers.The company was VEDANTHA associates having their bases in india, uk, australia and zambia. It was scheduled just a day after our exams. So I spent the next half day in thinking what to read. It was more brainstorming than the reading part itself. All that we read in three and a half yrs had to be read(rather scanned ) in a day. Was that possible?? But me being a highly optimistic person thought it is possible. The next quarter of the day was spent on preparing resume and my file.

Then I got into the business of reading. Luckily I had a book that consisted of the needed topics. Then after reducing my ’to read list’, by eliminating many topics that I thought was not important(moreso that was difficult ), I started reading. But as I went through few topics, time passed away within few moments. And as I don’t read during night after ten(Even for vtu exams I follow the same policy), I went to sleep with a promise to wake up early at four. Then as expected I could get out of my bed only at six. Then again reduced the list and went through the topics till eight. Then suddenly I realized that I had forgotten to read the aptitude part, which was the first step and later proved to be most important .But as usual I thought I can handle it, just to increase my confidence. This time I had more reasons to believe so. Bcz, In the week long holidays between exams, I had spent one day on aptitude. It was done to just forget something and to free my mind. That proved to be highly useful.

Later after getting prepared I went to college at nine and started filling the form provided to us. Then after the ppt we were given aptitude paper at ten forty five. I really don’t know whether it was easy or not . Somehow managed to attend thirty questions among the thirty five. It was for forty five min. At 1am they announced the names of 27 short listed candidates among around 150. My name did find a place there and next stage was GD. It went on smoothly and 24 candidates were shortlisted including me for the personal interview. This was a quite hard nutshell to crack.

This went on for about 25 min. It started with some general questions about my background, my hobbies………The interviewer seemed to be a highly knowlegble and a warm person. This made me comfortable. Then came the technical stuffs. A lot of questions were thrown at me, mainly regarding the applications of many engineering concepts. He never asked any law or definition and the like things. It made me happy as I hate memorizing those things. He enquired about my project and most of the remaining time was spent on that. He kept on asking why this? why not that? Whats the use of it? And such questions. I answered most of them and scratched my head for some questions and some of my answers were straight words-" honestly I don’t know anything about it,sir". He seemed to be satisfied and I got a feeling that Iam in. Then later selected candidates were announced and it was sweet to hear my name in that list. A total of fifteen were selected which was quite a good no. But unfortunately none of my close friends were selected.

We immediately got the offer letter. Pay was good and satisfying. But don’t know why, I was not much exited about my selection and it made no difference. The same sky was above me and the same path to traverse. Only difference was a already reserved seat for some part of the journey. Though my parents and brother were worried about the job place(It is most probably Orissa), I convinced them I would be comfortable there. Actually I like to see new places and new things. The job profile made me happier as it was a core mechanical. But the saddening part is that, one of my best friend who is in other college also got selected to same company the very next day. Dam, he gonna disturb me there too. He.. he..

Now Iam confused what to do in this holidays. Had planned to get prepared for placements. But the seemingly long battle was won within a single day. Me and my friend(now also colleague) are waiting for our other friends to join us in finding new means for time pass. Finally. I conclude this with a strong hope that one day I would be placed in my life too . .

Thursday, December 31, 2009


As the light of dawn fills up the world;

Rays from your glowing eyes floaded my life.

Those array of brightness made me blindfold;

Leading to loss of vision and gain of imagination.

As the lotus opens up to sunshine;

My mind blossems at your sight.

As bee is enticed by the fragnance of flower;

Iam aroused by the aroma of your memory.

Spring season comes once in a while;

But when you walk all seasons come alive.

As green lashes out with the onset of mansoon;

Joy pervades me, with your thoughts raining in my mind.

I have lost myself by finding you.

My path of life becoming haze and unclear.

As the pole star guides the rambling ship;

You- golden light lead me to my destiny.


This article is about the fragmentation of The united INDIA- the diversified land.The country that started its journey with fourteen member states, has henceforth doubled it in the path of progress. Still we greatly believe it is ‘the’ country with unity in diversity. This regional aspirations had added its part to the impediments posed by much more complexities such as religious differences, poverty, illiteracy, corrupt government. I do believe division of land and federal system is much necessary for better governance and it aids effective administration. But everything is good only upto a limit. A fter that limit it leads to kick backs.

Today there is demand for more number of states on the pretext of development, negligence on part of governance, etc… But creation of new states is not the only solution. The creation of three new states- CHATHISGARH,JHARKAND and UTHARANCHAL has helped none of them. Rather it has pushed them on the verge of instability.Their separation from their parent state has in no way helped them to move forward. Not much development has been made in any field. Thus not fulfilling the very reason for which they were formed. Because of the short sightedness of our political leaders and their opportunistic attitude common people has to suffer.

The recent TELANGANA movement is a living example of the shorsightedness of our so called leaders. Way back some five decades before itself states recognision committee had voted in favor of a separate telangana state. But bcz of some powerful congressmen in andhra assembly the report was rejected. As a result now there is hue and cry for telangana state demanding the very capital city of andhra. Thus leading to a chaotic situation.

All I can say is that the creation of new states for mere purpose of separate existance and to gain political advantage is the last thing to be done in this country with much more serious things to be looked after. This new trend may lead to a chain reaction finally wrecking the country and its development. This ‘United We Stand, Divided We Move Forward ‘ attitude is not good from the whole country point of view. Further it will pose some serious problems to kids in drawing the frequently changing INDIA map.ha,ha

Sunday, November 15, 2009

What makes him "The Legend"?

In the past twenty years many cricketers have come and gone, some good and some bad but one has stayed on and will do so for atleast 5 to 6 years more, that's Mr. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Not that there is no other batsman better than him there are many(Including me!!). One thing that sets Tendulkar apart is his behavior both on and off the field. For example have look at this pic, Dinesh Karthik, Yuvraj and Uthappa cant have enough of that girl! but Sachin has his sight on some other stuff(hopefully not on a more sexy girl!). Of course this does not make him great, this is just an instance why after 20 years people still call him "God of Cricket", certainly on field performance must have also helped.

Hope to see more of him. Wish him all the best for future.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Rumble In The Jungle

Finally am trying my hand on stories, here it goes......
This is the story of six unfortunate young men who are on course for the journey of their lifetime. I will begin with introducing the characters of the story, The doctor(he is studying medical), the rebel(any trip is incomplete without his unique antics), the hero(self proclaimed although he doesn't look like one), the gentleman(to the core), hippo(for his love for water) and finally me.

As hippo wanted to visit some place with water this sunday and we have been to every such place in mysore, we asked our favorite guide google for- "the nearest beach to mysore", The answer was either mangalore or kannur in kerala. Since we wanted "more adventure " we chose the latter one, which is about 300 km from mysore. We managed to rope in four others and convinced them that the 600 km journey is quite possible in a day and somehow managed three bikes. All the planning(so called) was left to the doctor and the hippo, doctor was to lead us in the journey bcos his girlfriend is from kerala!!(wtf).

The D day arrived, me hippo and doctor left our house at 2 a.m and headed towards hero's house, as expected he was still on the bed and more over took half an hour to get ready. As we were moving towards rebels house a black cat passed our way(it is supposed to be unauspicious). I was traveling with doctor he asked me "do u believe in that" I said "ru kidding, no way". A few seconds later the fuel in our bike dried!! after abusing doctor we started pushing the bike to the only 24 hour petrol bunk in mysore which was about 2 km away. Finally all six of us got together at 3 am, after driving for one and a half hour we reached the Bandipur forest.

To our utter surprise the gates were closed and we came to know that the gates are closed during nights and will open only at 6!! After few rounds of cursing hippo and doctor for their accurate "planning" we spent the next hour or so just looking at each other!(believe me its not worth it, even if you are a gay!). The gates were opened and off we went. We spotted some deer on the way and took some snaps. One thing we were sure of, is that wild animals wouldn't walk on this road because the road was so pathetic that even animals wouldn't walk on them, but we humans are accustomed to adjustment. After 2-3 hours of driving we saw roads as smooth, as it can get. That indicated that we entered the "God's own Country". It was 11 in the morning and we had to still travel 3 more hours for Kannur!

As we were all hungry we visited one of the hotel there. we couldn't understand or even pronounce the stuff mentioned in the menu. As I looked around, everyone else were eating fish. Even the plates were in the shape of fish! we ordered something which our neighbor was eating which looked like dosa, but it wasn't. And it too tasted like fish!

The next 3 hour journey was best part of the day, the beautiful mountains and coffee plantation all around was a treat to watch. After reaching Kannur we had to take a decision, due to lack of time we had choose between the famous kannur fort and the beach, everyone voted for the fort but the hippo for obvious reasons favored the beach. A mini drama was staged in the middle of the national highway, ultimately hippo managed to convince everyone to head for beach.

It was an amazing beach, only disappointment is that I expected lots of bikini babes and I couldn't find any, not even guys. Only 6 of us, thats when I thought "darn man,wish I had been here with my dream girl rather than these guys". I put on my swimming trunk and jumped in to the ocean, ran as far as I can and started swimming madly and did I mention that I am a non swimmer! I looked back to see where others were, I was shocked to see that I came a bit too far, others were still on the beach, taking snaps. They took hundreds of pics as if there is no other day,in different poses and in different background. And I didn't want to miss out, so I ran back as if my back is on fire, and when I reached the beach they had packed the camera and kept it deep inside the bag! morons..

Just when I was thinking that the rebel is very quite today, probably he has learnt from his past mistakes, there comes a missile. He took his 200 cc bike and rode it on the water, it stopped, our gentleman(gm) used all his expertise and repaired the bike, it started and gm warned the rebel against doing it again. But as expected the rebel rode on water again. Now it wasn't moving an inch. I had just played for half an hour, that was it, the next 2 hours was spent on the bike as we had move back the same day. We tried all possible options but it wasn't fruitful. So we decided to stay back and come back the next morning. As we were looking for a suitable room to stay I realized that I had internals the next day!! I stated my helplessness to others, and all of them had two sweet words to say to me "f**k off". Although I hadn't studied anything I had to attend this one, because since I was absent for the test, this was a make shift test given only to me! Suddenly there came a call from doctor's house that he had to reach house by night and if he didn't they would throw him out of the house! So we both decided to come back leaving others there.

This was the most exiting part. We learnt that the bandipur forest would close at 9 pm. We had exactly 4 hours left. A traffic police gave us a route which was supposed to be shorter and would have nice roads. As we started a cat passed our way. We both looked at each other and didnt utter a word this time! We drove as if our life is at stake, we didn't even stop to take a leak, it was dark and there were no street lights. Our speed was such that even Lewis Hamilton would have been put to shame!We reached the Karnataka check post and looked at the watch.

It was 9.30. We thought, we are dead there's no rooms near by and we are just dead. A forest official came to us and said "you are late, I cant leave you in. having said that you look like decent guys if you give 100 bucks I will let you in"!! We paid him and entered the forest. After about 2 km we saw something unimaginable, two big elephants in the middle of the road!(wish we had gone on the bad road) Doctor was riding the bike he thought of having some fun and focused the light on the elephants and was switching it on and off(fun! my foot). One of the elephant got agitated and started to run towards us. We turned the bike back and moved as fast as we can and me sitting behind turned to see how far we are from the tusker. It was right behind us about 5 feet with its trunk held high in the air. I bowed my head down, this would have been my last moments alive. I thought of my 'life', all that I have done in these 20 years is play fifa and watch movies! I came to a conclusion that "It was a life well spent!".

After few minutes I turned back to see the tusker it had disappeared, it just wanted to chase us away. As we neared the check post there was another elephant on the road, but this was an infant, we feared his parents would be near by and turned the bike and stopped in between the two elephants, with our hands on the head and we didnt even dare to breathe loudly let alone talking. Just when we had bad thoughts, there came a lorry, that was heading towards Kerala. We traveled the remaining 1 km stretch to the check post hiding ourselves behind the truck. We somehow managed reach the check post and slept the whole night with the watchman(fortunately he wasn't gay).Came back to Mysore the next day morning, My lecturer was kind enough to postpone the test once again. And doctor was in fact thrown out of his house.

Others left Kannur next day morning itself and reached Mysore by noon. It was one hell of a journey. But was it worth to travel so far and face so much difficulties just to play in water for 30 minutes? All I can say is "I have seen better days".

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Moving Story!

A 7-year-old boy was at the centre of a grimsby courtroom drama today when he challenged a court ruling over who should have custody of him.

The boy has a history of being beaten by his parents and the judge initially awarded custody to his aunt, in keeping with child custody law and regulations requiring that family unity be maintained to the degree possible.

The boy surprised the court when he proclaimed that his aunt beat him more than his parents and he adamantly refused to live with her. When the judge then suggested that he live with his grandparents, the boy cried out that they also beat him.

After considering the remainder of the immediate family and learning that domestic violence was apparently a way of life among them, the judge took the unprecedented step of allowing the boy to propose who should have custody of him. After two recesses to check legal references and confer with child welfare officials, the judge granted temporary custody to Arsenal football club, whom the boy firmly believes are incapable of beating anyone.